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Why Should You Give a Fox Mug?

The fox has always been associated with cleverness. If you don't believe me, open a copy of Aesop's fables and you will get exactly what I'm talking about. Foxes have, throughout western history and culture, been associated with people who are clever, brainy, resourceful and are able to get out of sticky situations.

Let's face it, we go through rough patches from time to time. We often find ourselves in sticky or uncomfortable situations. It would be nice to have the resourcefulness and versatility to consistently and constantly get out of such tight spots. This ability has always been traditionally associated with the fox.

There's something about the fox that people can't help but equate with resourcefulness, cleverness and intelligence. If you think about it, it's easy to see where this legend comes from. It's very easy to see where this association stems from in terms of experience.

You see, foxes have historically been raiders of chicken houses. They are the chicken farmers' worst nightmare come true. If somebody makes their living breeding chickens, the last thing that they would want to see happen is for a fox to enter their chickens' enclosure and kill a few chickens or smash a few eggs. Foxes have been known to do both.

And this is not what gave the fox its reputation. What established its reputation is the fact that it would use all sorts of clever ways to get into the chicken house. It would be able to get into a chicken coop even if the person keeping the chickens has come up with something foolproof or airtight. That's how clever foxes can be.

Never underestimate this animal's ability to get into tight spaces or even spaces that you think are impossible to break into. Throughout the centuries, foxes have shown themselves to be just masters of escape as well as breaking and entering. It is no surprise that this animal-world burglar has a love and hate relationship with humanity.

No matter how hard the typical farmer tries, the fox, somehow someway gets the upper hand (or paw) over the long haul. It’s like a constantly evolving arms race with this furry creature. At first, the farmer gets the upper hand as newfangled security devices get the better of the fox. However, given enough time, the fox figures out a way to, you guessed it, outfox the farmer and out the fox comes with a few eggs and chicken parts. This has been the way it is for a long long time. It’s really hard to beat foxes over the long haul. It’s as if they have a continuously evolving learning system that beats humans time and time again.

Human beings hate the fact that foxes eat chickens. They hate that fact because that's money taken out of a farmer's pocket. That's food taken out of the human food supply. However, people can't help but grudgingly respect this animal because it is so extremely clever. Regardless of what humanity throws its way and regardless of what elaborate traps people put up over hundreds of years, you can bet that the fox has found ways to outsmart it.

It is no surprise that one of history's greatest tacticians and strategists, the German General Rommel has been called the Desert Fox. It's as if he would appear out of nowhere to beat the British in desert warfare. That's how resourceful, quick, clever and devastating he could be.

What really cemented the fox analogy was that Rommel was able to do this with very limited resources. It's as if the German army in the desert ran out of gasoline, but regardless of logistical limitations, the man was still able to beat Allied forces handily time and time again. Despite long odds, despite overwhelming opposition, he manages to come up with a win time and time again.

That sums up the fox's appeal. Don't ever write it off. Don't ever underestimate it. Don't ever think that you have done a good job protecting against it because it can come back to surprise you time and time again.

Foxes are small, sleek and smart. Also, foxes have been associated with sexual attraction throughout the centuries. There is a reason why really good looking women are called foxes. Also, women who are very sexy have often been called vixens. Vixen, of course, is a female fox. The way foxes move is very sleek and a lot of writers have attributed this sleek, confident movement and patterns with foxes.

Why Should You Give a Fox Mug?

So why should you give a mug that has the image of a fox? Well, first of all, it's a great gift for somebody who you think is sleek and smart. This person is very nimble and is able to always outthink and outrun other people, and this would be seen as a compliment.

Also, if you think somebody is sexy or has a tremendous amount of self confidence that projects itself out as sex appeal, a fox mug would be a great call. Seriously. It's a great gift with multi-layer meanings. Think of it this way, it’s a great way to send the right message to someone without coming off as flat out creepy or as a harasser. The key here is to play on ambiguity. That’s what makes it sexy. That’s what makes it safe. There’s a bit of old school 1940s love team word play push and pull fun here that is both intellectual and emotional.

We're not just talking about double meanings. We're not just talking about word play. Instead, the fox image carries so many different connotations and it really is a great way to give a gift that is off the beaten path. If you want to look distinctive, if you want to look like you truly get the person that you are giving this gift to, you should definitely consider giving a mug with the image of a fox. It definitely goes a long way. It speaks on so many different levels.