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The Art of Giving Cool Funny Coffee Mugs as Gifts

The funny thing about giving gifts is that when it comes to humor, you really have to be careful. You might know the recipient for a long, long time, and you might be able to get away with gifts that may do a bad job in getting your humorous point across. After all, you've known that person for quite some time, chances are they probably would be more than forgiving if you miss the mark or completely fall flat on your face thanks to your choice of gifts.

You have to understand that when it comes to giving gifts to people you don't really know or are complete strangers, you really have to be very careful regarding humorous gifts. There really is no other way around this problem, and it is quite a huge problem because humor is ultimately personal and situational. It is a doubled-edged sword.

The great thing about humor is that if you are able to communicate it in a very clear way, and it really resonates with the person, you end up killing. In other words, you end up making a good point and the person becomes really comfortable around you and is more than likely to trust you and think you're a good person. Professional comedians call this killing. You express your expertise, you look like a million bucks and, specifically, you successfully communicate.

However, the problem is when you bomb, in other words, the joke doesn't come off as clearly and as effectively you'd like. All sorts of problems appear. Either you come off as you are a bad communicator, you're clueless, or you simply don't care about the other person. Of course, none of these situations are good.

The bottom line is humor is not as black and white as you think. You might think that when giving a humorous gift is simply a reflection of your personality. Well, this is all well and good if you know the recipient. However, if you really don't know the person, humorous gifts will always be a risky proposition, and the chances of you blowing it are much higher than the other way around. Why is this? Why is humor pretty much a minefield as far as communications and communication effectiveness are concerned?

Well, it really all boils down to the cultural and situational aspects of humor.

Humor is Cultural

Usually, when we think about culture, we think about different countries and the differences between those two countries. While, by and large, this is true, you have to go much deeper. You have to slice and dice it because even within the same country, there are many different language groups and dialect groups and regional groups. Even if you were to drill down among those subgroups, there are also points of differences.

For example, in the United Kingdom, there are many different regional variations and within these regional variations, there are distinctions based on class, educational attainment, world view, experience, so on and so forth.

There is really no one-size-fits-all strategy that would save you time and time again as far as humor is concerned. You always have to pay attention to the cultural baggage and backdrop humor brings to the table; otherwise, it's too easy to just fail at it. To make matters worse, there's also another aspect to humor that makes it even more complicated as far as a source of gifting ideas.

Humor is also Situational

Have you ever noticed that good friends who've been through a lot often laugh at even the stupidest things? They find humor in things that most people would find generic, banal and every day. Well, the reason for this is because the situation that item refers to is something that they can see eye-to-eye on. It's something that they've gone through. It's something that serves as some sort of frame of reference.

You have to look at situational humor from that perspective because it requires a large degree of familiarity. It also requires that certain things fall into place at the right time to produce the right effect. This is too much for most people, especially if you don't know the other person. Now do you see why this is all complicated?

The Best Approach to Humor

If you insist in giving funny coffee mugs or cool coffee mugs with a sense of humor, you can still do it, but you only have to have the right approach. Otherwise, it's just too risky.

First of all, you need to make sure that the design is understated. It doesn't overreach. It doesn't go over the top. It's not trying to prove anything.

Second, it's better to be corny than offensive. It's much better to be dismissed as somebody with a stupid and lame sense of humor rather than somebody seen as being offensive or trying to offend the sensibility of the recipient.

Third, it's better to play with wordplay because with wordplay, we at least operate from the same page. At least, we have some common frame of reference, which is the English language.

Fourth, make sure that it is light. Don't go too deep. Don't go political. Just keep it as light as possible.

With the Right Guidance, Cool Mugs and Funny Coffee Mugs Make for Great Gifts.

Given everything that we've discussed above, what is the best strategy as far as giving cool and funny coffee mugs are concerned?

Well, actually you just need to make sure they are understated. This means that it doesn't go overboard in trying to be funny. It definitely doesn't appear like it's trying to explain its way into being funny. You know you're in trouble if you feel that you have to somehow some way explain your joke. You know that you did not communicate clearly if you have to go through the hassle of having to explain the humor behind your statement. This is why it's really important to go with an understated mug.

Moreover, use mugs that have puns. Puns are not only wordplay. Puns don't simply involve words that sound similar to each other. Instead, puns can also be visual puns. In other words, images that refer to other images connote other ideas.

Finally, steer clear of situational comedy or designs in your mugs. The less situations involved, the better. Keep these in mind and you're likely to have a hit of a design on your hands. Turn a blind eye to these or ignore them completely and chances are your message will fall flat.

You probably don't need to be reminded of how bad things could be if somebody takes your joke the wrong way. It can either make you look like a fool or less trustworthy or, in the worst-case scenario, you might end up developing an enemy.

The worst thing about interpersonal enemies is that they don't tell you straight to your face "I hate you" and "You're my enemy." No.

Oftentimes, you find out in the worst way possible when you discover a knife in your back. Of course, this is not a literal knife. We're talking about social media bullying. We're talking about damage to your reputation. We're also talking about people undermining you secretly without you knowing.

That's bad news. So, be careful regarding how you give gifts.